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How do I store my hat?

When putting your hat on a flat surface, place it upside down , not resting it on the brim. Leaving it resting on the brim will cause it to flatten out & change shape. It is best, if possible to “hang” your hat on a hook.

How do I handle my Felt hat?

Always handle it by the brim please! It may look cool to put it on using the “pinch”, but unfortunately, while this may be suave, it’s not good for your hat.

All that pinching will weaken the crowns’ ability to hold its shape or create a crease that can’t be fixed. Oils and dirt form your hand will also soil the hat. Take off or pick up your hat by holding it at the front and back of the brim - never ever pinch your hat.

How do I handle my Straw hat?

Like a felt hat, do not pinch it. Use the same technique as for a Felt hat - remember the straws are made with natural fibre and if it is too dry, or you mishandle it you could break the straws. It is recommended that you keep your hat in a room with a moderate moisture level, and place it in a steamy bathroom once every two weeks for about 10 mins to keep it hydrated and preserve its flexibility. Please don’t get your straw hat wet…it won’t like it and will probably lose its shape. If it does get caught in the rain, leave it to dry naturally.

I got my hat wet, it’s dry but has wrinkles in it - what do I do?

To remove wrinkles in the brim, place a clean damp cloth over the hat brim and carefully iron it at a low temperature. To remove wrinkles in the crown, or to re-shape it, pop a pan of water on the stove and bring to the boil. Hold the hat in the rising steam - be careful not to scold yourself - and allow the steam to penetrate the fibres, then carefully and gently mould your hat back into shape, or call us and arrange for us to do it or you. This is a complementary service but you will have to arrange delivery and re-delivery unless you can bring it to us in person.

What about leaving my hat in my car?

Heat & sunlight can dry out, fade and shrink your hat, so never leave it on your dashboard, or in your trunk. When at home don’t leave your hat in front of a window in direct sunlight.

My Felt hat is looking tired and dirty, what can I do?

Take a brush to it. A horsehair brush is best. A soft shoeshine brush can do the trick, or you can buy brushes specially made for hats ( click here  XXXXX for accessories). Get a brush with light coloured bristles for light coloured hats, and vice-versa for dark hats. Hold your hat with the front towards you and brush in a counter-clockwise motion. Even when you can’t see the dirt, give your felt hat a regular brushing to prolong its life. When the inner band gets wet or oily, we recommend using a bit of dish soap on a damp cloth and wipe, then flip the band down to let it dry out.

My Straw hat is looking tired and dirty, what can I do?

To clean dirt spots off your hat, use a soft damp cloth with very mild soap. You could also try rubbing dirt spots off very gently with a white eraser.

How can I travel with my hat?

It is best to wear your new hat on your head. If you are flying, resist putting it in the stowage bins overhead until after the aeroplane has taken off - this is to reduce the chance that someone will squash it with their carry-on.

If you wish to pack it in a suitcase, place a couple of layers of clothing on the bottom of the case, place your hat on top of these and start packing in an around it using soft items. Always try to pack your hat nearest the suitcase carry handles, that way it won’t get squashed when you are pulling your case along.

Why do you call your hats “she”?

Because like your Mom, they look after you - keeping you warm when it’s cold, dry when it’s wet and shaded when it’s sunny! They also look seriously good….all the time, every time and ooze style and class! ;-)

How do I know my head size?

Measure your head and then click on our size chart.

How do I measure my head?

Take a tape measure and holding it in place in the centre of your forehead, work around  above your ears to the back, and then around the other side until the tape meets back in the middle of your forehead. You will be measuring where a ball cap would sit.

This measurement will be in centimetres or inches,  refer to our size chart.

If you don’t have a tape measure, use a string or cotton and place the measured length on a ruler.

Just make sure that the tape is comfortable, and not too tight, as this will be the measurement of your hat.

Are caps and hats sized the same?

Yes, your head size is your head size no matter what you are popping onto it!

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