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Rain Hats for Women: Purchasing Guide

Rain Hats for Women: Purchasing Guide

Whether you're walking the rainy streets of Toronto or doing a bit of storm-watching on Vancouver island, there's one must-have accessory you can't leave behind: A good rain hat! Rain hats offer a stylish way to protect your dome, keeping you dry when navigating everything from drizzles to heavy rain. Some parts of Canada get over two meters of rainfall annually, so finding the right rain hat for travel and everyday wear is a must.

Popular Brands of Rain Hats for Women

There's no shortage of fantastic hats to wear on a rainy day. At Granville Island Hat Shop, we carry options from many well-known brands like:

  • Tilley
  • Borsalino
  • Gottman
  • Lillie & Cohoe
  • Bailey
  • Parkhurst
  • Canadian Hat

What to Look for in Rain Hats for Women

With so many choices, how do you find one that's right for you? Many features separate standard hats from protective rain hats. The best thing you can do is keep these considerations in mind as you shop.

  • Brim Size - Sizable brims can deflect water away from your face, keeping you dry and protecting any makeup you're wearing.
  • Breathability - Breathable fabrics and built-in ventilation can promote evaporation and prevent your hat from becoming too saturated.
  • Materials - High-quality materials like polyester blends treated for water repellency, wool felt, and fur felt offer durability, protection, and possible moisture-wicking properties. Gore-Tex is also a popular fabric known for being fully waterproof.
  • Style - For an accessory like a rain hat, womens collections usually come in many aesthetics, giving you the flexibility to change your look without sacrificing rain protection.

Are Rain Hats Waterproof?

Unless it's plastic, rubber, or Gore-Tex, rain hats aren't fully waterproof. A waterproof item is entirely impenetrable by water. While they do exist, those womens hats are hardly comfortable or fashion-forward!

That's why most rain hats are water-repellant. In most cases, the hats sport water-resistant fabrics, coatings that prevent absorption, and other features to keep you dry. These details dictate how long your new rain hat will continue to repel water.

Taking Your Rain Hat on the Go

Traveling with your rain hat is easier than you think. The best travel technique is to adjust your packing style to accommodate the hat's shape. To keep its form intact:

  • Use your other clothing items to create a nest-like pocket for the dome piece.
  • Set it in carefully before stuffing the hat with socks, clean undergarments, and other soft items.
  • Carefully cover the hat and close your luggage to keep it safely nestled.

Another option is to use a hat clip. Hat clips are a great way to keep your rain hat on hand as you walk through the city or hike up a scenic trail. Hook it to your bag or belt loop, and you'll always have it on hand.

Hat clips are only available from Granville Island Hat Shop in-store.

Find Your Next Rain Hat at Granville Island Hat Shop

Follow our guide, and you can choose the perfect hat to keep you comfortable no matter the weather. We have a fantastic collection worth checking out at Granville Island Hat Shop. Whether you prefer a classic bucket-style hat or a classy fedora, we have something you'll love to have on your next rainy adventure.

Check out the rain hats for women at Granville Island Hat Shop today!

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