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The Best Men's Hats Styles for Winter

The Best Men's Hats Styles for Winter

Hats used to be a staple of men's style. Leaving home without one would have been strange. Though that's not the case anymore, winter provides a forceful reminder of why hats are as essential as ever. Chilly air sweeps heat away from your exposed head and nips at your ears while you try your best to make it from one place to another without freezing.

That's why winter hats for men should be practical first. If they don't keep you cozy, they're failing at their job. Fortunately, form and function can meld beautifully, and there are handsome hats that will leave you looking dapper even as they protect your head from icing over!

Stylish Men's Hats for Chilly Weather

There are so many hat styles to choose from that it's hard to know where to begin. Caps are very popular. They include Driver caps, Poorboy caps, Baseball caps, and more from brands such as Gottman, Magill, and Kangol. You probably spot more caps than you could count each winter. Many are casual but they are also cozy (often with hidden ear flaps and Goretex to keep you dry as well as warm) and are often no worse for wear if you fold them up and store them in a coat pocket. Some types are more formal; ascot caps are a good example.

Magill Hat

The options don't end with caps: Fedoras, Derby’s, and Pork Pie hats are just a few dashing options that offer stylish structures. Western Style Fedoras and Gamblers are also highly structured, but bring a hint of added ruggedness. A bucket hat might be perfect if you're hoping for something more casual.


Important Features for Winter Hats

Winter weather can be unforgiving. Looking for specific features can get you a high-performing hat that will keep you comfortable: 

  • Ear flaps keep your ears and, depending on length, the sides of your face warm. For those who don't like the look, hats with tuck-away ear flaps are a versatile option.
  • Interior linings make hats warmer. Some come in breathable, moisture-wicking materials.
  • Water-repellent and snow-repellent materials, such as Goretex or Tec-Wool, are vital in wet or snowy weather.
  • Visors and brims protect your eyes from harsh light and your face from rain or snow. The larger the brim, the more protection you get.

Choosing the Right Hat Shop

Finding men's hats is easy. Finding high-quality hats that will look great and keep your head warm for years to come is harder. You can simplify the process by choosing a hat store run by enthusiasts who know head coverings like the backs of their hands. The right shop can provide guidance on correct sizing, appropriate styles for various occasions, and more. Granville Island Hat Shop provides all the above, making it the best hat store in Vancouver. You'll find all the most attractive men's hat styles for winter in our online and in-person shop.

Order your own men's winter hat or winter cap to look fantastic and keep warm all winter long!

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