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The Best Hats for Men: Summer 2022

The Best Hats for Men: Summer 2022

In the past, men’s hats were all the rage. If you used a time machine to visit the 1920s, it would be rare to see a man out and about without one. Though hat-wearing has declined among both women and men since then, the style is coming back. We’re pretty happy about that: Just placing a hat on your head is one of the easiest ways to polish up your look. Aside from aesthetics, hats for men are also practical. Check out these options to choose the perfect summer hat for you.

Summer Hats for Men vs. Winter Hats for Men

When choosing a hat, it’s vital to consider the season. Weather-appropriate hats increase comfort while serving useful purposes. Options that make sense during the coldest time of year have thicker material to hold in warmth. In a heat wave, they’re worse than useless: They’re downright uncomfortable. On the other hand, summer hats are made of lighter, thinner materials to help you keep cool. Many even block the sun from hitting your face.

Sun Hats for Men

Though a lot of beach hats block the sun to some degree, that’s sun hats’ primary purpose. Some have wide brims, while others have brims at the ideal angle to protect your face. Sun hats for men are invaluable if you’re traveling to a luxurious tropical location. Many are made of materials suited to blocking UV radiation. Blocking such radiation is critical for avoiding sunburns and skin cancer. The wider the brim, the more protection you’ll get, so choose wide-brimmed versions to protect your neck and face.

Bucket Hats for Men

Going for a casual look? Bucket hats are a great choice. Most are made of relatively soft materials like cotton, which can give them a less structured look. The downward-pointing brims may not reach as far as those of sun hats, but the angle does reduce how much sunlight hits your eyes. Bucket hats often include sun-blocking material that’s been treated specifically to stop UV radiation in its path.

Fedora Hats for Men

Are you looking for a classic yet cool option? Pick a fedora. Though 1920s gangsters initially popularized them, the trend spread throughout society and Hollywood. Famous leading men like Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones are known for wearing fedoras. The crown of a fedora is indented down the middle, which makes this style easier to fold than many other hats with similar levels of structure. Depending on your preference, you can switch up this style’s look by turning the brim up or down. No matter how you wear one, it will look polished; most have trim ribbons. The combination of structure and attention to detail allows fedoras to elevate otherwise casual outfits. Whether you choose a fedora or some other type of summer hat, we’re sure you won’t regret it.

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