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Winter Hats & Other Great Christmas Gifts at the Hat Shop

Winter Hats & Other Great Christmas Gifts at the Hat Shop

You can’t comfortably survive frigid weather without an excellent winter hat—and if you try, you certainly won’t be happy about it. The first purpose of winter hats is protection from the elements. The second is style. A hat that offers both is something to treasure. Unfortunately, not all winter hats are created equal. Some provide little protection despite looking cozy. For style purposes, hat-wearers probably want multiple options to match any outfit and occasion. That’s why cold-weather hats make great gifts.

Winter Hats for Women

A woman’s winter hat can be her most versatile fashion item. When it comes to balancing practicality and style, the struggle is real. Many people give up and go for one or the other: a cozy hat that ruins someone’s aesthetic or a gorgeous hat that leaves them counting down the seconds until they can get inside.

But there’s a whole world of hats that satisfy discerning eyes and chilly heads at the same time. Lillie and Cohoe, Parkhurst, Brixton, and Tilley offer hats in styles such as simple pull on berets and cloches, to high fashion fedoras, gaucho, and more in materials such as water repellent fabrics, soft wools,  and felts —not to mention all the colour options. Unlike summer hats, some of the above come with hidden ear flaps. Broad-brimmed hats also protect a person’s face from the elements.

Winter Hats for Men

It’s no secret that a lot of men are known for their nearly excessive pragmatism: If a hat keeps their ears from getting chilly, that’s sufficient. But “sufficient” doesn’t have to be where it ends. Even the most practical people feel best when they look their best. If a man in your life won't treat himself to a warm and attractive head covering, that task is left to you! Bailey, Borsalino, Tilley and Gottman provide tons of options. Whether your favourite chap prefers fedoras or watchmans, baseball caps or flat caps, there’s a winter hat for them. (Who knew baseball caps could be wintery wonders?)

Unisex Winter Hats

Though we’ve discussed women’s and men’s winter hats, the fact is that people are people, and their tastes often overlap regardless of gender. That’s one reason unisex hats are so popular. Many brands offer stylish options that look great on every head.

Picking Hats as Gifts

Now that you know about the impressive variety of winter hats, you might wonder how to pick the perfect one to give your friend or family member. Here’s the good news: It’s actually pretty simple.

  • First, consider what kind of weather the recipient will face.
  • Second, think about the giftee's style.
  • Last but not least, try to find out what size hat the recipient wears. You can do that by taking a sneaky look at the hats they already own, or bring us one of their favourite hats and we can figure out the size for you.

Once you’ve nailed down those three pieces of information, choosing a hat will be a snap. If you want to ensure the recipient’s hat is perfect for them but still aren’t sure which one to choose, don’t worry. Granville Island Hat Shop offers gift certificates! Finally, if you purchase a hat that is not the style the recipient loves, or the wrong size, then we will happily exchange  - or offer store credit - until Jan 11 2023 

Browse our website to explore the wonderful world of winter hats for men and winter hats for women!

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