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Top Winter Hats for Men and Women

Top Winter Hats for Men and Women

Winter hats are a must-have when the weather gets chilly. Leaving your head exposed is a problem no matter how warm the rest of you might be—it's like turning the heat on high inside your home only to discover that somebody left a window open. No amount of warmth can make up for leaving a window open, and no amount of warm clothing can make up for letting heat escape through your head. That's why choosing a top-notch winter hat is vital for both men and women.

Women's Winter Hats

You've probably seen people rushing around in the winter while wearing flimsy hats that can be described as "pretty" at best and "totally useless in cold weather" at worst. You know the ones: They'll look good when they get inside… if they can survive the trip from their car to their office or home! On the other side of the coin are bulky hats that look like someone put a small, furry animal on their head without considering style at all.

Winter hats for women must be functional, but they should also make you feel good about your appearance. It's okay to place equal priority on comfort and style. Fortunately, finding a gorgeous hat is simple. Whether you're going for a casual look or something more structured, there are tons of options from brands like Parkhurst, Lillie & Cohoe and Canadian Hat —all of which use high-quality materials to create hats that enhance your style, as well as offering water repellency and hidden ear flaps to keep you cozy.

Men's Winter Hats

Every man deserves to keep his head warm while looking dapper, and that's exactly what a good winter hat achieves. Winter hats for men range from unstructured items like beanies to classically masculine choices like fedoras; whatever your style, you can find what you're looking for at Granville Island Hat Shop. Check out brands like Bailey and Tilley to find structured, shape-retentive hats that stand up to wind, rain, and snow - some come with hidden ear flaps too!

What To Look For in a Winter Hat

Determining whether a hat fits your style is easy, but assessing its effectiveness is another matter. There are several things to consider before making a purchase.

  • Brim size: Broad brims help protect your face from the elements. A downward-sloping brim is extra effective in harsh conditions.
  • Materials: A hat made of wool or fur felt will be extra cozy. Synthetic fibers can also work—their technology has significantly improved in recent years. If you're unsure which to choose, hats with combinations of natural and artificial materials are available.
  • Lining: Any hat with a lining will be warmer than an unlined option.
  • Water repellency: Warmth is only helpful if your hat won't get soaked through, and we carry some excellent Goretex caps & hats!
  • Additional coverage: Ear flaps, chin straps, and other features to cover skin are fantastic in the coldest weather.

Getting a hat with all the traits you're looking for might seem like a tall order, and it can be at some stores, but our fabulous team of hat enthusiasts will help you find what you're looking for. Hats that achieve the perfect look—whether you want a women's hat, men's hat, or something unisex—abound. Many of the best brands make options that are easy to style in both feminine and masculine ways.

Order a winter hat for women or men from Granville Island Hat Shop to keep warm and look fantastic.

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