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Top Winter Hats for Men and Women

Top Winter Hats for Men and Women Winter hats are a must-have when the weather gets chilly. Leaving your head exposed is a problem no matter how warm the rest of you might be—it's like turning the heat on high inside your home only to discover that somebody left a window open. No amount of warmth can make up for leaving a window open, and no amount of warm clothing can make up for letting heat escape through your head. That's why choosing a top-notch winter hat is vital for both men and women.

Winter Hats & Other Great Christmas Gifts at the Hat Shop

Winter Hats & Other Great Christmas Gifts at the Hat Shop You can’t comfortably survive frigid weather without an excellent winter hat—and if you try, you certainly won’t be happy about it. The first purpose of winter hats is protection from the elements. The second is style. A hat that offers both is something to treasure. Unfortunately, not all winter hats are created equal. Some provide little protection despite looking cozy. For style purposes, hat-wearers probably want multiple options to match any outfit and occasion. That’s why cold-weather hats make great gifts.

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